Welcome to New Primary Curriculum Website

In this website, you can learn about the primary education reform. Ministry of Education in Myanmar has been implementing a drastic education reform. And primary education reform is one of the major topics. CREATE Project (The Project for Curriculum Reform at Primary Level of Basic Education in Myanmar) was launched in 2014 for developing new primary education textbooks, developing Teacher’s Guide, changing assessment, and introducing new primary education to in-service and pre-service teachers. CREATE Project is jointly organized by Ministry of Education in Myanmar and Japan International Cooperation Agency.

What’s new for primary education?

New primary education will achieve students’ all-round development by targeting five strength areas, and cross cutting skills and competencies, so-called 21st Century Skills in Myanmar.Obtaining 21st Century Skills is very important for our children who are in such a drastically changing global society to keep learning throughout their life.

Cross Cutting Skills and Competencies

Cross cutting skills and Competencies are:
  • Higher Order Thinking skills
  • Cognitive skills, creative thinking skills, problem solving skills
  • Leadership skills