Grade 3 Introduction Training for In-service Teachers

Date: 22 Apr 2019
Location: District Level

Introduction training of new Grade 3 curriculum which will be implemented in upcoming 2019-2020 academic year for in-service teachers will take place from January to May in all of Myanmar. These training will be given through 4 layers as Central Training, State/Region Training, District Training and Township Training respectively and all in-service primary teachers are expected to understand main characteristics and the concept of this newly developed Grade 3 curriculum. Teachers will also be given a chance to practice the teaching approach and method to facilitate learning using the new Grade 3 textbooks, teachers' guides as well as how to conduct classroom assessment.


Central level of Grade 3 introduction training has taken place at Education Management Training Center at Htauk Kyant, Yangon from 21st January to 8th February and will be followed by State/Region training from 1st April to 10th April, District training from 22nd April to 8th May and Township training from 10th May to 25th May respectively.