How can we ensure our children's learning during COVID-19?

09 Nov 2020

We all have to live with COVID-19 at the moment and while we are getting through this, it is important to make sure our children's learning cotinue. The Ministry of Education, together with partner organizations including JICA CREATE Project, is working on a number of programs for children to be able to continue their educaction in a safe learning environment and it is important that we all cooperate to make these implementation a success.

So let's see how we can support for our children's learning in the following video! There are tips and advices for teachers, and parents and guardians in the video that we recommend you to apply at schools and home respectively.

Now, if you have other creative ideas, we would like to invite you to share your opinions and thoughts here in "Your Voice" section with us, and with your fellow parents and teachers through us.

We are also keeping you updated with new information and learning materials so please tune in to our new primary curriculum website and YouTube channel or keep in touch with us on Facebook at .

We believe that our children will get through this stronger and wiser.