Primary textbooks will be changed

 From June 2017, new primary Grade 1 textbooks were introduced nationwide.
Later on, textbooks for Grade 2 to Grade 5 will be introduced year by year. 

New primary education textbooks are
  • Richer and attractive contents that promote students active learning
  • Considering diversification such as gender, ethnicities, disabilities, etc
  • Full of pictures and photos that stimulate students’ interests of learning
  • Colorful but applying universal color design to be friendly for color-blinded students.

Subjects and allocated periods for each subject are as you can see in the table below.
There are 9 subjects, all of which are important and no longer be differentiated between “core subjects” and “co-curricular subjects.”  And all of subjects will have new textbooks.

Note: 1 period = 40 minutes for all grades
Note: There are 36 weeks per year